Why Us

Buying an electrical vehicle is a step towards a better future – no emissions, no damage to the environment while still being able to get around.  The key to owning an electric vehicle is to have the right charging station at your home so you can easily charge your car overnight.  Or if you are a business owner, providing charging points for staff and customers to make it easier for them to use their EV.

When you work with EV Ready, you are working with a company at the leading edge of fast charging technology.  We provide wall box solutions that are compatible with all plug-in electric cars.  This includes brands such as Nissan, Audi, Citroen, BMW and Mercedes.  This means no matter what type of EV you have, we can provide a charging point that will work with the tech in it.

We also supply free-standing charging points that are ideal to install in car parks for commercial use.  Whether you want to use them as a way to supplement income or simply to provide a service for customers and staff, we can arrange what you need.

Our service involves visiting your property and ensuring you have the right spot for the charger.  We can then give a quote on the right equipment for your needs in the best location.  If you are happy, we can then arrange fitting, ensure that everything is working, and you are set up for quick and easy EV charging.

How We work