4 Reasons to Buy an Electric Car

So the time has come to renew your car and you are assessing the options.  One of those will definitely be an electric vehicle (EV) but you are a little hesitant – the idea of a car powered by electric is still pretty new to most of us.  To help you decide, here are some of the top reasons why people have made the switch.

Firstly, there are more models of electric car than ever.  The days of them being just a small car with few extra features are long gone and there are more models than ever with all the big name brands offering either fully electric or hybrid vehicles.

One of the fears around buying an EV is that the resale price wasn’t great.  But as the numbers increase and so too does demand, resale prices are rising and continue to do so.  Plus as the government’s date to remove diesel and petrol cars come closer, the demand for second-hand EVs will grow.

The benefit to the environment is a given with an electric vehicle because there are no emissions.  But you can go one step further and use renewable energy sources to power your zero-emissions car.  If you have solar panels on your home’s roof, for example, you are generating free and clean power to use in your clean car.

While there is a cost for using electricity, this is still cheaper than the price of diesel or petrol.  And the maintenance costs of EVs are lower than other types of car because there are less of those high maintenance items like spark plugs, starter motors and catalytic converters.  So these cars can save you money on maintenance and running costs.

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