EV Ready FAQs

Yes, all of our equipment exceeds industry standards to ensure it is safe and works in a way that prevents overloading.  This makes them different to a normal electrical socket in the house which keeps providing power while turned on.  Our charging stations stop providing power automatically once the car battery is full.

Yes, our charging stations can be up to 8 times faster than the standard charging points you see in public places.  We will always tell you the exact specifications of the system we are installing before we start so you can be sure on the speed of the charging point.

Yes, you can charge your car off-peak by setting up the system for this – we will show you how.  This is often when electricity is cheapest and means you can save money on the cost of charging the car by being a little clever about when charging takes place.

Yes, we have a locking system so only you can access it to prevent unauthorised use while you are away from home.

Yes, our units can charge any plug-in electric vehicle so no matter what type of car you have, the unit can charge it

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